Tech Neck

“Tech Neck” or “Text Neck” happens when people spend too much time with their head leaned forward over their body looking down at a computer screen or phone. It also happens from repeatedly tipping the chin down and hunching the shoulders to carry on text conversations. Tech Neck increases the stress to our cervical spine […]

Fun Chiropractic facts that not everyone knows!

Chiropractic Fact #1: Doctors of chiropractic have studied and trained for at least 7 years in a post-secondary college or university. Chiropractic Fact #2: Chiropractors are the third largest group of medical practitioner. Nearly one out of ten Americans goes to a chiropractor each year. Chiropractic Fact #3: Chiropractic is recognized by health care programs […]

Award winning, two years in a row!

We have been named Minnesota’s Top Rated Local Chiropractor for the second year in a row! We are so grateful to be a part of this community. Thank you to all of our awesome patients! Minnesota’s Top Rated Local® Chiropractors Award Winner: Cornerstone Chiropractic Clinic

Don’t ignore pain!

An injured worker, or someone who has been in a car accident, is 28 times less likely to have spinal surgery if the first point of contact is a chiropractor, rather than a surgeon. Waiting for the pain to go away forces your body to compensate, only leading to problems down the road. That pain […]

Healing Takes Time

“Healing takes time and repetition” Chiropractic care helps restore normal posture to the body. Corrective chiropractic care is designed to help restore the proper position of spinal bones much like dental braces are used to rehab crooked teeth. Feeling out of alignment? Is your posture poor? Do you have neck pain or back pain that […]

Come on in!

Cornerstone Chiropractic Clinic: helping people achieve their health goals one adjustment at a time 😊 Looking for a chiropractor near you? Cornerstone Chiropractic is the Woodbury Chiropractor to call. Set up an appointment today for a complimentary consultation, call us at 651-207-6182.  

How often are you looking down?

With all of our modern day technology we spend more time looking down then we used to. Looking at our desktop at work, our tablet at home, our phones everywhere else. What you probably don’t realize is that when you have your neck constantly tilted forward and down, you are slowing taking out the natural […]

Record breaking February!

We are currently in the snowiest month of the year! 36 inches of snow and counting. While its a winter wonderland for everyone here in Woodbury, most people have to clean their driveway several times per week. Shoveling and snow blowing is one of the most common causes of injured and strained low backs. If […]

Which pillow is best for me?

Practice members frequently ask about the correct pillow or pillow recommendations. Patients will even bring in their pillows and show us how they are sleeping. It gets tricky because each bed is different. There are so many types of beds from air mattress, conventional and memory foam. This affects how much your shoulders sink in […]

Has your annual cold been hanging around for awhile?

One benefit of chiropractic that is often overlooked, is it’s ability to kick start your immune system. Chiropractic is designed to help keep every system in your body running smoothly. Including the immune system. If there is a subluxation in your spine, and your nerves are unable to communicate with your immune system effectively, you […]