Tech Neck

“Tech Neck” or “Text Neck” happens when people spend too much time with their head leaned forward over their body looking down at a computer screen or phone. It also happens from repeatedly tipping the chin down and hunching the shoulders to carry on text conversations.

Tech Neck increases the stress to our cervical spine and can make our bodies more prone to injuries and chronic pain. Here are 5 indicators that you could have tech neck:

  1. Pain in the neck
  2. Pain in the shoulders
  3. Headaches
  4. Numbness in the hands
  5. Forward head posture

If you experience these symptoms, have a local chiropractor assess you for Tech Neck. Stretching, being posture conscious and getting adjusted will reverse these symptoms. Call our Woodbury Chiropractor for a complimentary assessment today! Cornerstone Chiropractic can be reached at 651-207-6182.

Tech Neck or Text Neck

2 thoughts on “Tech Neck”

  1. This is such a major problem and most people don’t realize the damage this can cause long term. Getting neck and spine adjustments can really help with this but of course, people need to change the root cause and be more conscious of their posture and how they use their phones!

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