Woodbury Neck Pain Relief

Chronic neck pain can be one of the most painful and frustrating ailments to deal with on a daily basis. The neck is both the most flexible and vulnerable part of your spine. If you think of your head as roughly the weight of a bowling ball, imagine how much strain and pressure is constantly on the muscles and nerves in your neck holding your head up all day!
Typically when you have balanced posture and your nerves are free from any irritation you won’t experience neck pain. However, if you begin to lose your balanced posture by hunching your shoulders or irritate the muscles and nerves in your shoulders you’ll likely develop neck pain.
neck pain relief

Our Approach

Dr. Tyler Peterson is a licensed Chiropractor in Woodbury, providing neck pain relief to Minnesota residents. Dr. Peterson works at addressing the underlying issues that are causing the neck pain, as opposed to using drugs and other invasive procedures. These natural neck pain relief treatments restore vertebral alignment, improve your posture, relieve sprains and strains in your soft tissue and even release pinched nerves. Our chiropractic treatments often differ based on what is causing the neck pain:
  • Poor Posture – Spending hours working at a computer or poor sleep posture can cause neck vertebrae to be out of alignment and ultimately cause the soft tissues in the neck to become conditioned to this type of posture.  Dr. Peterson at Cornerstone Chiropractic Clinic utilizes a variety of spinal adjustments as well as postural exercises and ergonomics counseling and certain therapeutic exercises to help retrain the soft tissues of the neck, which helps strengthen muscles and ultimately provide neck pain relief.

  • Whiplash Injuries – Neck pain from whiplash injuries due to a sports injury, car accident injury or other type of injury can severely shift the neck vertebrae out of alignment.  Neck pain as well as headaches and stiffness can occur due to these injuries.  Our Woodbury chiropractor will offer spinal adjustments coupled with therapeutic exercises to heal soft tissue injuries and relieve your neck pain, while also working to restore full range of motion.

  • Stress – Stress is one of the leading causes of neck pain and poor posture.  Stress leads to tension in the neck, which makes it difficult for individuals to maintain good posture.  Our wellness center provides chiropractic adjustments to offer stress and holistic pain relief.

Neck Pain Diagnosis & Treatment

If you’re experiencing neck pain, it’s best to contact Cornerstone Chiropractic immediately to see a Chiropractor. We’ll schedule a time for you to have a full assessment to determine the answers to important questions such as:
  • When did the neck pain start?
  • What activities were you engaged in prior to the pain?
  • Does the pain travel to other parts of your body?
  • What causes the pain to become worse or better?
  • Have you tried anything to ease the neck pain?
After a comprehensive assessment, our chiropractic team will develop both short and long-terms plan to deal with your neck pain.


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