What’s Posture got to do with it?

Poor posture puts abnormal stress on the spine that leads to fatigued muscles, spasms, pain and irritation on the nerves. The strain on the muscles and nervous system can lead to tension headaches, tight shoulders and back pain.

Improper posture has even been linked to accelerated joint degeneration and spinal arthritis which can greatly affect quality of life.

What Can I do to Change My Posture:

  1. Change your computer screen height: Far too often we work long hours on a laptop or screen that is below eye level. Raise the monitor to be slightly above eye level.
  2. Keep the keyboard close: Keeping the keyboard and mouse close to your body will help keep the shoulders back and elbow near your body.
  3. Straighten up! Don’t let yourself slouch at the computer.
  4. Standing is Best: using a standing workstation will help you maintain the best posture while working at a computer.

Try these tips to help alleviate symptoms caused by improper posture. If the symptoms persists, a Woodbury chiropractor can help assist you in determining the cause. Give the team at Cornerstone Chiropractic Cliniccall at 651-207-6182 and set up your complimentary consultation today!

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