Torque Release Technique

Cornerstone Chiropractic is committed to helping patients achieve their optimum health potential through specific scientific chiropractic care known as Torque Release Technique (TRT). TRT is a gentle, effective approach to balancing out the spine and nervous system, allowing our bodies to heal from the inside out.

So What Makes TRT so special?

  • Scientific: TRT is the only chiropractic technique that was developed out of a randomized clinical trial, blinded with a placebo control.
  • Specific: The Integrator is a torque and recoil adjusting instrument to deliver specific individualized adjustments.
  • Gentle: The Integrator allows us to adjust each segment of the spine without twisting or popping.
  • FDA approved: The Integrator is the only FDA approved instrument to adjust misalignment’s.
Cornerstone Chiropractic specializes in Torque Release Technique

Cornerstone Chiropractic specializes in Torque Release Technique, one of the most scientifically researched techniques in Chiropractic today. TRT has proven over the years of research, to get better and faster results. Practice members enjoy the specific adjustment without the twisting, cracking and popping of the manual adjustment. Call our office at 651-207-6182 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Woodbury Chiropractors and see if Torque Release Technique is right for you!

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