TMJ and Chiropractic

TMJ and Chiropractic
TMJ and Chiropractic

What is TMJ?

TMJ, otherwise known as temporomandibular joint disorder, is a pain disorder that affects the muscles and nerves where your jaw connects to your skull. There are a few different common causes for TMJ that could include but are not limited to; injury to the teeth or jaw, misalignment, teeth grinding, arthritis, or stress. Chiropractic is a great, non-surgical solution to TMJ pain.

But how do I know if I have TMJ?

Some of the most common symptoms that accompany TMJ are popping of the jaw joint, crackling in the ears, locking or dislocation of the jaw, and ringing/popping sounds. The best way to diagnose TMJ is to see your Woodbury chiropractor.

How is TMJ Diagnosed?

In order to diagnose TMJ and help alleviate some symptoms that accommodate it, Dr. Tyler will examine your jaw and monitor the joint to find any signs of inflammation or abnormalities. Once TMJ is diagnosed, Dr. Tyler at Cornerstone Chiropractic will begin with treatment.

What does TMJ Treatment entail?

Chiropractic manipulation and massage are used in the clinic at Cornerstone Chiropractic to help treat TMJ symptoms. These adjustments are accompanied by special exercises that can be done at home to aid in the healing process.

Have additional questions about how Chiropractic can help you? Stop in or call Cornerstone Chiropractic at (651) 207-6182 to schedule your appointment to stop living with pain!

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