The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor this Winter

Winter is officially here and that means cold temperatures (negative degree temps in the past week here in the Midwest). The drop in temperature causes car troubles, roads to freeze over,  and can even wreak havoc on your health. The colder it is the more we try to avoid going outside. This means way more time is spend on the couch than being active which causes problems with the spine, specifically the back. This is why seeing a Chiropractor is very important during the winter months. Staying aligned keeps everything working properly and can even help boost your immune system to fight off any cold/flu like symptoms we are prone to in the winter.

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor this Winter
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Another thing we often see when it starts to get cold is weight gain.  Although Chiropractic alone can’t prevent you from gaining weight, it can help to keep your joints in good condition and allow them to survive the cold and a few extra pounds without additional discomfort. If weight loss is a resolution for you this year, Whole 30 is a great program to start. It focuses on teaching the body to burn fat rather than sugar. The book provides numerous recipes that can be made with items you can find at a Woodbury grocery store. 

Do you already suffer with joint pain? You know that the cold that accompanies the winter months can make it much worse. Coming to Cornerstone Chiropractic will help you keep your spine healthy and alleviate pain and stiffness. If you are ready to get your spine in the best shape possible and keep everything running smoothly this winter, check out our office in Woodbury, MN. We work with your schedule and get you back to feeling 100%. Contact us at 651-207-6182!

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  1. I’ll be sure to contact a chiropractor this winter. I’m glad that you mentioned how visiting a chiropractic clinic can assist in keeping one’s joints in good condition. My spouse and I want to keep our bodies in the best physical health we can.

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