How to Keep a Strong and Healthy Back!

How to Keep a Strong and Healthy Back

So many things contribute to our health from diet to exercise but what about our spinal health? Here are a few to keep in mind to keep your back strong and healthy:


Posture may be the most obvious but is oftentimes the most difficult way to keep your spine in the best shape possible. Many things contribute to bad posture such as weight pain, genetics, laziness, and stress. One rule of thumb to follow when checking your posture is to make sure your ears align with your shoulders.  Visiting your Chiropractor is the best solution to keeping your posture in check!

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture for tips to keeping your spine healthy!

Core Endurance and Strength

Keeping your core tight and strengthen is a great way to keep your back in shape as well! When you build your core, you strengthen the muscles on all sides of your spine. Great core exercises that benefit the spine are Pilates or daily planks. Both increase strength and emphasize posterior core.  Pilates and Chiropractic work wonders together! Check out your local Woodbury Chiropractor, Cornerstone Chiropractic!

Lifting Technique

Knowing the difference between bending at the back and hip-hinging is essential. Bending your back when lifting puts strain on your back and can cause misalignment that lead to back pain. Hip-hinge is a much safer alternative. Hip-hinging is done by keeping the back straight and rotating the pelvis forward. 


Diet has a direct correlation with your health and in turn your spine.  Lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables are ideal foods for building the healthy core muscles mentioned earlier. Supplements that are recommended are B-complex, Omega-3s, and Vitamin D. Woodbury Chiropractor, Dr. Tyler, recommends some great supplements that you can order here.


CNN article “Back pain? 7 ways to strengthen your spine” states Insufficient sleep can lead to neck and back issues. Six to eight hours of sleep are recommended. Sleeping position and pillow/bed firmness all contribute to how much/how well you sleep. The best sleeping position would be on your back, keeping the spine in its S-curve. 

Are you suffering with back pain or just want to be proactive by keeping your spine in the best condition? Visit Cornerstone Chiropractic  in Woodbury today to keep your spine in check!

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