Have You Been in an Auto Accident? We Can Help!

Have You Been in an Auto Accident

Didn’t expect snow in April? Yeah, we didn’t either but nevertheless, it’s here which means less than perfect driving conditions. So what happens when icy roads lead to an auto accident? Depending on your speed when the collision happened, you may or may not have symptoms right away but did you know that whiplash can occur in car accidents with as little at 8.5 mph? This is why seeing your local chiropractor in Woodbury is so important. Here at Cornerstone Chiropractic, we offer drug free relief from pain, quicker healing, and lasting results!

Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy together, help car accident victims avoid invasive and risky surgeries, overuse of pain pills, and years of residual discomfort from injuries that healed poorly. We are here to help! Our office offers a FREE injury assessment when you are injured in an auto accident. This assessment entitles you to a consultation with Dr. Tyler, chiropractic examination, and x-rays (if necessary).

Also did you know that in Minnesota, you are covered 100% for any care you need to get feeling great again, regardless of who caused the accident or if you were the driver or passenger?  Call us today to schedule your no-cost evaluation at (651) 207-6182.

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