Disc Herniation and Chiropractic Care

Disc Herniation and Chiropractic Care

herniated disc is no fun. We all know that, but did you know there are other options aside from surgery? Chiropractic care is an effective, more affordable option to treating disc herniation. Before we go into how chiropractic can help treat herniated discs we need to understand what the disc are and how they help our bodies to function.

Discs act as “shock absorbers” for your spine. They allow you to jump up and down and at the very least, move because they separate the bones in your vertebra of the spine.
Disc herniation is most commonly result of gradual, aging of the disc (“Disc Degeneration”). Because discs are located in between the vertebra of the spine and chiropractors specialize in the spine, chiropractic care is the best nonsurgical treatment for a herniated disc.

What does chiropractic care for a herniated disc look like? We are glad you asked! To start with, we do a thorough exam and history with you to really understand your condition, evaluate your spine and if necessary, we will take x-rays. These steps will help us diagnose a herniated disc. Once its diagnosed, Dr. Tyler Peterson will provide a treatment plan using Torque Release. Chiropractic care is accompanied by exercises that can be done at home to help the body heal even faster.

Have questions about your specific case? Give our office a call at (651) 207-6182 and we would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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