Combat your Child’s Falls with Chiropractic!

combat your child fall's with chiropractic

We all know how active kids are and how often they can fall, especially when they are learning to walk. These falls are oftentimes small but can misalign the spine and in turn, affect the child’s nervous system function. The nervous system affects most if not all of a child’s body functions. There are 31 pairs of nerves that flow through the spine which controls movement and function. When the child falls, the spine can misalign and put pressure on one of these nerves inhibiting proper communication. It is important to pay attention to when your child falls and how it can affect his/her health. Oftentimes, it is not a single fall that can cause a problem but the cumulative effect of multiple spills. 

Chiropractic is a great way to counteract the effects from repetitive stress or falls. When you visit Dr. Tyler, he will check your child for any nerve interference. If he does find that your child’s spine has a subluxation (is misaligned), he will adjust the problem area with a gentle adjustment. We are a great office for the kiddos (and people of all ages) because we use a gentle, effective technique known as Torque Release. Rather than adjusting by hand, the majority of adjustments are done with an instrument known as the integrator. This allows Dr. Tyler to adjust the specific vertebrae that is misaligned. Adjustments help the spine to move and facilitates optimal nervous system health!

Kids fall quite a bit and that’s okay. Knowing that repetitive falls without check ups can affect the way the spine functions is important. We want you and your family’s spines to be in the best shape possible! Have questions about our technique or symptoms your child may have and your curious if Chiropractic can help? Call our Woodbury, MN office at (651) 207-6182! We want you and your family to reach your optimal potential in health and wellness!

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