Chiropractic Benefits for a Knee Injury

You’re probably thinking how could chiropractic possibly help with a knee injury/knee pain. Good question. Chiropractors specialize in treating the spine but they also have training in other joints and areas of the body. Nerves in your body run through your spinal cord and out into the different body parts and systems. When a vertebrae is out of place it can pinch the nerve and radiate pain to a specific part of the body, including the knee. For example, If the spine is out of alignment it may cause you to lean slightly to one side putting extra pressure on the hip, pinching a nerve and in turn, causing knee pain.

chiropractic benefits for knee injury

Knee pain can start due to anything from a sports injury to arthritis. Regardless of the cause, Chiropractic is a great, natural alternative to medications and surgery. When you come in for your initial visit at Cornerstone Chiropractic, Dr. Tyler will do a thorough evaluation/assessment of the spine (not just of the knee). He will then determine whether a misalignment is the cause of the pain you are experiencing. If so, Dr. Tyler will put together a game plan for tackling the knee pain and getting you back to normal!

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