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Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a great solution to those suffering with neck pain, back pain, and headaches, but did you know that there are so many addition benefits that come along with getting adjusted? Check out some of the awesome benefits you can get from regular chiropractic care: Digestive Problems Digestive Problems? Really? Most people are surprised to hear …

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Whiplash Care in Woodbury

When the neck is whipped from back to front during a car accident, while playing contact sports such as football, or occasionally from an assault or other physical trauma, a number of things can happen to the spine and surrounding soft tissue. Whiplash describes the initial impact, but the results can include: Disc bulges and herniation Subluxations (misalignment of …

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Ice or Heat to Treat Low Back Pain

As a general rule of thumb, ice should be used to treat any new injury within the first 72 hours. Ice will help reduce the swelling, decrease muscle spasms and expedite the healing process. Woodbury chiropractor, Dr. Tyler Peterson, says there are numerous ways to apply cold therapy from a frozen vegetable bag to gel packs. …

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